About Tim Levy

Who is Tim Levy?

That is a mystical and interesting question, so maybe it’s best we start from the beginning.

Tim grew up in Australia, on the North Shore of Sydney. He attended high school at the private Barker College and completed his tertiary education at the University of New South Wales.

A Precious Childhood Memory – Proneness to Technology

One of the most precious memories Tim says he will ever have of his happy childhood days is when at the age of about seven or eight, his parents bought him an Apple IIe. He says: “It was a very expensive machine in those days, although a bit clunky. My supportive parents were incredibly relaxed about me ripping it apart, bisecting the circuit boards, figuring out the programing and learning to program in assembly language. They even took me to Apple and connected me there ”

During his first year of university, Tim was able to make a living as a Lecturer for the 3rd year syllabus in Computer Science and he completed his Degree there.But what later offered him valuable life and work lessons were his extracurricular activities at university which complemented his computer science studies. He says: “I was involved in a number of activities outside the classroom and on the stage – namely comedy, musicals and even variety shows like Saturday Night Live”. According to Tim, these activities encouraged personal development and even prepared him, in a unique way, for life after university.

About Tim Levy

Animatronics – Working with Big Corporations Notably Early

When Tim later moved into the work environment, his first job was with a company named Wave Length where he found an intertwining of communication which is right-brain thinking, and technology which is left-brain thinking. His interest was aroused by America, the place where truly leading edge things were happening, especially in Silicon Valley. They did something that is basically called animatronics – the technique of electronically animating 3D puppets – which was the precursor of virtual reality type interface work. He also wrote a lot of code relating to that and did a lot of performances in the field. Our clients were companies like Dell and Motorola (Optus or Telstra in Australia) and Campbell’s Soup. So I got to work with big corporations very, very early.

Amongst CEO-s early on

While Tim was establishing his career, his father was running a company called Vistage which is known as Executive Connection in Australia. Having grown that Company almost ten-fold in ten years, he ultimately became the CEO of this network of CEOs. Vistage regularly organizes speaker-workshops, inviting world-class speakers to Australia, and many of these speakers ended up sitting at our dinner table. Consequently, from a very early age, Tim often found himself amidst leaders and CEOs of the highest caliber.

Starting his own business

At the young age of 17 or 18, Tim was solicited by his father to be one of the speakers at Vistage. He spoke about the internet which was making its way felt so fast that they needed to pay more attention to it, and he suggested the internet was taking up where the telephone and the fax machines were going to leave off. He didn’t get thrown out of the room, but many people in the audience didn’t believe the internet was actually going to be anything important, and they claimed: “No, no! The fax machine is high tech. It’s the latest!”
The visionary CEOs hired Tim to work for them, and that is when he started his own consulting business and my own consulting. In fact, Tim never really worked for other people very long because he was more attuned to starting his own business, and in 1996 he started the business you see today in its current permutation.

Silicon Valley

In Australia, the great destination for aspirants is America. For Tim too America is the place where you want to go, where everything is big, where Silicon Valley, New York and Broadway are. With bigger things happening in America, the market there is big too. So, in the mid 90s, having finished his degree, Tim moved from Sydney to Silicon Valley where he ran a multimedia company as its Chief Operating Officer, working not on a website but on CD ROMs and doing productions and things like that. Their clients were people like ASA, Lucent, 3Com and other big Silicon Valley multinationals.

There Tim climbed to a superior level, getting really large projects, like those for Hewlett Packard, where they spent a quarter of a million dollars on a 5 min video that only 30 people were ever going to see. Tim got some great business experience there.

Back to Australia – A New Agency

In the late 90’s, at the end of the tech boom, Tim moved back to Australia where he remained for the next 10 years. During this interval he started his own agency and founded a family with a wife and children who are all Australian. Tim’s agency in Australia grew progressively in consultation with big brands like Roland DG Corporation, a huge multinational in Japan, where he worked with the CEO for many years in a strategic role and also in implementation, building and other such projects.

Return to the Entertainment Fold

While in Australia Tim also revived some of his passion projects; 4 children’s books, published by Random House; children’s albums, selling about 10,000 copies like a best seller Australia wide; stage shows throughout the country which were ultimately adapted for television and ran for three seasons. One of the seasons was even broadcast in different territories around the world. So, he moved up through both the entertainment and the business strategy worlds focusing on content and strategy – the fundamental focus of his business as it is today.


Today Tim frequently speaks for Vistage around America and for bigger spaces like Conscious Capitalism and Prezi, among others, and the CEOs and Entrepreneurs he meets there, as well as his own clients, often ask the same questions. All businesses need to and want to grow but they don’t really know how. It turns out that they need the basic knowledge of content, traffic, conversion and digital media. This is fair enough because it is so new. It really evolved noticeably only in the last few years and it will continue to evolve, and we are sitting on the edge of it. Tim says: “Knowing how to create a grounded business strategy using the latest technology and the latest techniques is what actually creates improved businesses growth and that knowhow is our expertise”.

Tim Levy & Associates has now grown to a team of nearly 40 people with four Project Managers who work under the guidance of the Head of Production. Below them are teams who are doing everything from video to web production, and from book publishing, to events. And the whole thing has suddenly turned into a very substantial business, and that’s where Tim is today.