Business Consulting and Creativity

Business Consulting + The Creative Process

I moved from university into a company called Wavelength, which did events, multi-media and content for Fortune 500 clients like McDonalds, Motorola and Dell. I was fascinated with being around the best in the world, so it’s no surprise I wound up in Silicon Valley, CA. I worked with an ad agency on the Silicon Graphics account before moving to a boutique multi-media agency out of Santa Cruz called Eon. There I worked my way up from art director to creative director to VP of production, working for clients like Hewlett-Packard, Acer and 3Com.

Back in Australia, I began to consult directly with big multinationals like Sony and Roland DG. In the end I decided to work with smaller company’s individual entrepreneurs and creatives where I felt I could have a more direct impact using my creative process.

The Creative Side

I always had big creative dreams. I had a passion for books, albums, stage tours, TV and film production. My hobbies became my craft and finally, my full time work over the course of a decade or so. I continued to be drawn to dramatic comedy, improv and stand-up. To me, the creative process was always going to be a part of my work, whether I would be entertaining on stage, or helping a business rejuvenate their own creative process.

I started off with a series of CDs called Car Kids, which were acquired by the Australian Broadcasting Company and are still available for sale today. Those stories were then made into books with Random House under the brand Travelkids. I toured the country live on stage with the help of sponsors like Nickelodeon and Samsung.

The stage show lead naturally to a television show which was picked up by the Foxtel cable network. The second season was picked up by Channel 9, the largest national broadcaster in Australia roughly comparable to NBC or CBS. The show was sponsored by everyone from Universal Music to Disney Films to Funtastic Toys and Random House Publishing.

The Convergence

After a while, people around me started asking me questions like ‘How do you make all of these things happen. Is there something you do?’ The answer, of course, is ‘Yes!’ That answer became my first worldwide release in The Life Summit, which has now been followed by a slew of other books, online courses, CDs, DVDs and now, television properties.

Business Consulting + Creativity