I have been very fortunate to have worked with some amazing, talented and passionate individuals over time. Many have been gracious enough to endorse me here through various video and written testimonials. And you have my assurance that all of these are absolutely genuine. They are untouched (beyond fixing the occasional typo).

*Understandably, some names are abbreviated to preserve their privacy.

An Awakening

Tim literally awakened my mind to the practical goals of my grand visions as if God just handed me a “to do” list for life purpose. He herds the ‘cats’ of creative ideas with precision, clarity, and the kind of effectiveness I didn’t know was possible.
– Malek H., Co-Founder The Collaborators, Austin, TX


Tim Levy is BRILLIANT!!! If I had to put in one word what I got out of my time with Tim I would have to say… clarity. He quickly helped me to clearly understand the obstacles I will undoubtedly be facing in the growth of my business over the next 10-12 months, and quickly outlined my challenges so I would more clearly be able to attack them.  I am extremely grateful for the time I was able to spend with Tim, and my team is excited to work with him on our journey to the top. Thanks, Tim!

– Dr. Justin K., Got Your Back Chiropractic, Washington DC

Tim Levy is not only a brilliant business man, with knowledge and wisdom about international business, but he is down to earth. When working with Tim Levy, whom I met at CEO Space, I found that he was able to see the situation clearly, understand who I was and the role I played in my business and guide me clearly with real, effective and precious information. He is a gem. You will not understand his true value until you work with him yourself!

– Samantha B., Entrepreneur, Las Vegas, NV


As someone who’ve spent close to 10 years in internet marketing, I thought there were few strategies, techniques or rocks unturned. When I was “cajoled” into sitting down to listen to him from a friend who was raving about him, I ho-hummed but, Boy Was I Wrong! You can immediately sense Tim’s passion and breath of knowledge from the first couple of sentences that utter from his mouth. He is genuine, smart, and downright funny. I wholeheartedly recommend his “Jam Sessions” to everyone who wants to be enlightened and take their business to a different level.

– Steve C., President Behind the Story Books

The Tools

As a CEO and Entrepreneur, accessing my creativity and innovation is critical on a daily basis. I need to be in my highest mind constantly to work on the systems that define my business, rather than be bogged down in it. Tim’s tools make that possible.

– Tim Winders, www.TimWinders.com, Global nomad

Master Strategist

Tim is truly a master strategist.  He helped my partner and I come to a place of deep clarity with our project and was able to lay out our next steps in a brilliantly simple way.  A few hours with him accelerated our progress immensely and was the best investment we could have made.  Deep gratitude to you, Tim!

– Katie H., Co-founder The Collaborators


Tim recently spent two days at Datron World Communications – one with just me, and one with me and my senior leadership team.  In these two days, Tim was able to quickly grasp Datron’s current position and issues, and helped to lead us on a very productive strategic discussion.  Tim is very insightful and energetic, and executed a very good process for our strategic planning session, and help lead the discussion to a set of tangible actions.  I’d strongly recommend Tim to any businesses that needs a creative facilitator for strategic planning.

– Kevin K, Datron World Communications


Tim is a dynamic speaker that teaches simple, surgically precise strategies that are insightful and no-bs as he is himself. I appreciate also his giving, value giving spirit, it is a pleasure to work with him.

– Calvin C., CEO Calvin Chen Coaching


‘Tim has been blessed with a gift(I have no other way of describing it) of clarifying “what you are, what makes you tick and what is your life purpose” within an astonishing small amount of time.  At the end of our one day session I had a sense of wonderment considering all we covered, and what lay ahead for me.  I could clearly see the path and the steps needed to begin living the life of my dreams.  Tim’s follow up was prompt and on point.  The deliverables (The Life Summit Book about me and accompanying notes, resources and methodologies) were way more than I expected.  I am savoring the follow up consultations and the projects spawned by our sessions.’

– John G., CEO Moove In, York, PA


‘Working with Tim was seamless. He was able to help me clearly identify my personal and company goals. He has an uncanny ability to pull things out of you that you wished you had acted upon years ago. Tim will help you realize that you can live a life you have always dreamed of, give you a road map and bring it to reality.’

– Bejan, CEO Artisan, Chicago, IL


‘Revealing, intuitive, genuine, insightful, honest, perceptive, action-based, dynamic, present/actual, and truthfully……life-changing.’

– Nina G., Vistage Member’s wife, York, PA


Tim is a dynamic speaker that teaches simple, surgically precise strategies that are insightful and no-bs as he is himself. I appreciate also his giving, value giving spirit, it is a pleasure to work with him.
– Calvin C, Entrepreneur, CA


I had the very good fortune of being introduced to Tim Levy by a colleague at the CEO Space Business Growth Conference. I was immediately captured by his genuineness and commitment to providing outstanding quality information. At an additional Q&A session he conducted, above and beyond his booked seminars, I found him to be insightful, experienced, and informed. I would encourage anybody to explore his services and see how he change your business for the better.

– Erin Z, Entrepreneur, CA


I’d really like to say how much I appreciate your common sense, realistic approach to helping folks like us who have big dreams,  are working 18 hour days and giving us real solutions to help us get our lives back.

– Patricia F, Entrepreneur, CA


Tim Levy is BRILLIANT!!! If I had to put in one word what I got out of my time with Tim I would have to say… clarity. He quickly helped me to clearly understand the obstacles I will undoubtedly be facing in the growth of my business over the next 10-12 months, and quickly outlined my challenges so I would more clearly be able to attack them.  I am extremely grateful for the time I was able to spend with Tim, and my team is excited to work with him on our journey to the top. Thanks, Tim!

– Dr. Justin K, Entrepreneur, DC


He doesn’t know when to stop; and that’s a good thing. My experience with Tim is that he just keeps going until he’s confident you got “it.” If you’re seeking an incredibly competent and knowledgeable mentor, Tim Levy is an excellent choice.

– Dr. Richard K, Entrepreneur, NM


“I was introduced to Tim via Vistage International (CEO peer association)  where he shared insights and demonstrated techniques for one to establish their “perfect life” (personal/holistic, business, career). My wife (of 30 years) and I did this together (well, not quite “together”—she worked with Tim the first day, I took him the second day, and we came together for a half day joint session). Tim guided us through a process (“pulling” from our brains and hearts…not “telling” us) in which we individually identified what makes us each unique, our priorities, and our concerns. Then we came together to establish clarity in accepting and supporting each others’ life goals—and how to leverage our best individual qualities and capabilities to enrich our lives together.

It was an amazing journey with Tim…and created a profound change in perspective at a time we weren’t sure if we were best off together or separate. We have a renewed sense of energy and passion for our relationship and our purpose in Life.

Thanks Tim!”

– Don, CEO PCIC Group, Chicago, IL


“Tim is a unique, gifted, intuitive, effective life coach and strategist who combines inquiry, mind mapping, meta physics to help you find insights and clarity in your life, relationships and path. His white-board, mind mapping tools combined with his techniques of exploring and expanding upon ideas, concepts, problems and solutions, leave you with a solid practical and pragmatic set of “takeways” to work on and develop further. Go to Tim with an open mind, leaving behind your preconceptions, projections and expectations – and allow the unexpected and illuminating to unfold. The insights you gain may change the way you look at your life – past and present – in a different and exciting way, full of new possibilities and opportunities.”

– Philip, Founder and CEO, Glimmer of Hope, Austin


‘I received more value from my two days [with Tim] than from the last five years with [CEO coaching group].’

– Bob, Vistage CEO, Boca Raton, FL


“Tim shocked me–in a good way. He put together, on the spot, a practical framework from turning something that I was planning to do which looked like a hobby or an avocation into a commercially viable money making opportunity. He suggested new and additional product that could be developed and monetized at little or no cost, as well ways to obtain value-added assistance at nominal cost. The net result from Tim’s advice is an action plan for doing what I want to do and turning it into a substantial business opportunity.”

– John Trakselis, Vistage Chair, Chicago IL


‘We couldn’t have met Tim at a more perfect time. In fact, it seems serendipitous. After just a brief consultation with Tim, my business partners and I experienced what it means to truly have clarity in our business. Tim is very intuitive, fun, and strategic! He was able to capture the essence of our business by simply asking the right questions. He was able to clarify and paint a complete picture of where we are and design steps to get to where we need to be. He showed us practical solutions of how to get over our hump and make our company more three-dimensional. Our biggest a-ha with Tim is that clarity really IS everything. Now my business partners and I have such clear direction and focus and we are able to synergistically leverage our core strengths to accomplish our business goals in a seamless, fun way!’

– Hannah, CEO of WOW Memories – Chicago, IL


“My day with Tim was even more awesome than I imagined it could be. Within hours I understood myself, was able to change my perspective and within 48 hours I saw incredible changes in my life. I have never felt more at peace, happy and optimistic. A lifetime of emotional debris is gone and I have clarity, contentment and focus.”

– Margaret, Vistage Key Executive, Florida


Tim’s blend of business strategy and success mindsets was exactly what I needed to overcome my biggest hurdle to business growth… He showed me things about my own business I was too close to see & showed me things about myself that were holding me back from my full potential… And best of all – I walked away with a step-by-step action plan for moving into a much brighter future… I highly recommend Tim for anyone who wants to grow their income, net worth and personal fulfillment from life…”

– Michael, CEO of High Yield Marketing, LLC, Austin, TX


“Hey Tim,

Hope you are doing great. When we first did the 10 year exercise at the Launch Pad Job Club I wrote down the things that I was going to be doing with my husband, like dancing tango, having a spiritual practice with my beloved, etc….Just wanted to report that the man I described during that exercise appeared in my life about a couple of weeks after doing that exercise and we are now engaged and living together!!! I can tell you a lot more about it but I won’t bore you with the details…I just wanted to say Thank YOU! Oh, by the way, I have been looking for this guy pretty much all my adult life but more definite after my divorce about 8 years ago. Thanks Again Tim!!”

– Maru, Business Development Executive, Austin, TX


“Tim, our session was powerful and full of energy. I am so pleased and excited with the results! I feel much more clear about my path and the direction I wish to move my career and business. And am impressed with the insights you provided and your ability to pull all the pieces together. Thank you for your commitment to me and to the process!”

– Sharon, Events Management Executive, Austin


“The Life Summit simply is life-changing, as is the sheer intensity of its author.”

– Maria Elita / Author – The Naked Entrepreneur, The Miracle


“Working with Tim 1 on 1 has proven to be priceless.”

– David Gonzalez / Entrepreneur – Co-Founder and CEO, The Internet Marketing Party


“The 1 on 1 Life Summit process with Tim helped me move past two significant barriers I had been stuck on in my business. Thank you Tim.”

– Shelia / Entrepreneur – Austin, Texas


“Tim Levy helped take me to another level. Limiting beliefs I had about myself began to disappear after my 1 on 1 Life Summit session.”

– Becky Matthews / Entrepreneur – Austin, Texas


“Tim, I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at the Empowerment Summit in Toronto. Out of all the speakers (including Les Brown) you were the one who spoke to me the most! I have read The Secret and [Principles of Attraction], amongst other wonderful books and feel that I am truly ready to read The Life Summit and take my life to the next level. I can hardly wait to reach my next plateau.”

– Shelley / Toronto, Ontario

 stood out

“Out of all the speakers at The Empowerment Summit in Toronto, you stood out to me. I heard you Tim! I bought your book without hesitation and look forward to a 1 on 1 Life Summit session.”

– Jacqui / Toronto, Ontario


“Tim Levy is a captivating, professional speaker who talks from his heart and helps with his mind to get people un-stuck and successful. I am grateful that we had Tim Levy at our event and we look forward to working with him again in the near future.”

– Winston Bromley / Co-Founder – Empowerment Summit, Toronto, Ontario


I had a discussion with my wife Cyndi six months before turning fifty. I was a carpenter with my own business and I wasn’t achieving the sales or goals I wanted to, my body seemed spent, I didn’t feel like I could focus on anything work related, and at home I was bouncing from task to task and not really finishing anything. That’s not like me.

I told Cyndi that I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I thought I might be going through a mid-life crisis. It turned out I was. Cyndi gave me the Life Summit Book as a present, written by this guy from Australia, Tim Levy. Cyndi had heard from some friends, Don and Terri, who after meeting Tim at a Life Summit Keynote presentation were planning on going through with the 1-on-1. I talked to Don at a social engagement and he told me how they believed this guy was going to rock their world. I let the Life summit book sit on the table for a day or two, and then one morning picked it up and nearly read it cover to cover in one sitting. Although I was hooked and as powerful as Tim’s message was, I just didn’t believe in myself enough to try and change careers at the age of fifty without any kind of back-up in place.

It turns out Tim Levy also has this website with a couple of informative videos, and just from those, you can tell he’s a pretty happy guy, not some smarmy huckster. I watched all of his videos and thought I might want to see a little more. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but things just started happening, doors started opening and the opportunity arose, the opportunity that has changed my life, enter the Life summit 1-on1. I talked to Tim on the phone, to get a better feel for the guy, and afterwards I signed up for the 1-on-1 and we set up a time and place to meet.

A month later I met with Tim Levy in Person and spent the better part of two days working with him. I can’t tell you what we talked about, except we talked about things I never had never talked about with anyone other than my wife. Tim knew the questions to ask that would open windows so I could observe where my blocks had come from. I knew I had issues from childhood before Tim and I met, but he showed me how ALL of those issues were affecting how I dealt with my life today. Tim was able to unlock portions of my life I had buried deep inside that were leading to my inability to move forward. This was the reason I wasn’t able to focus, not because I couldn’t focus, but because I really didn’t want to be a carpenter, and that was reflected in my disinterest to grow the business. I had become someone who just wanted to pay the bills. I discovered I wasn’t burned out, it turns out I wasn’t doing what I loved to do. I wasn’t happy with where I was at, and it was beginning to affect the relationship I had with my wife. I love my wife, a lot, and I didn’t want to see us as another statistic. Not gonna happen.

After a few days of mentally digesting what I had forgotten about myself, and what I truly wanted to do with my life, I started on the pathway Tim and I had put together in the last hours of our 1-on-1. He had told me to wait a few days, but I couldn’t. The way everything was coming together I had become like a capacitor charged to the brink of electrical discharge, I had to do something. I had to take this energy and do something useful with it. I just had to do what we had talked about. I had to start NOW.

I have started placing the bricks one by one, paving my new pathway to the future. I have so much more energy, now that I am doing what makes me happy. My goals are in place (they don’t have to be set in stone, that leads to failure) and I have learned to let go of some of the baggage that was holding me back, I don’t mind taking on smaller carpentry jobs to help pay the bills anymore. I’m on my way, I can see through the clouds now. And I see the sun shining on my future.

– Ray K, Chicago IL