Tim’s family and Vistage have been dating for a very long time. He started speaking for Vistage, or The Executive Connection as it is known in Australia, as a resource speaker in front of 10 or 15 CEOs and working with them (in his particular case) on strategy and the internet. But Vistage itself is an enormous network with up to almost 20,000 members worldwide. To be a member of Vistage you have to be a reasonably substantial business.

Most recently we’ve had extraordinary developments in that world, and Tim was recently selected as one of six international Vistage speakers from a vast list of existing world-class speakers to participate in their new Executive Summit. There exists a rating system for Vistage speakers which is quite competitive and if your ratings drop you won’t get booked again. As Vistage is such an elite environment in its own way, it’s great for a speaker to be in that arena, and greater still to stay there.

Working for Vistage – Our First-ever Vistage Executive Summit

Vistage have recently started something new called the Vistage Studio, which involves having an approximately 20 minute talk (instead of the normal 3 or 4 hour advisory session) and recording it for members to watch online. Six of the top Vistage speakers were selected to participate in this event and Tim was privileged enough to have been one of them so he flew to New York. He did a great talk there about YouTube which was very well received which is a good thing as YouTube is an explosive area for Tim Levy & Associates and for businesses everywhere. That led to Tim actually working for Vistage Head Office as a consultant on strategy, particularly in the online space.

Tim is planning to book his first ever Vistage Executive Summit in December this year in New York, where instead of having 12 people in the room, there could be up to 500 or 1000 people. So it’s true to say that things with Vistage and Tim Levy & Associates have come a long way. We are presently helping them write their strategy worldwide through YouTube, through a book they are publishing and through the Vistage Chair strategy. Tim feel: “honored to work at these levels and to be given a chance to give something back to a company that’s really helped me and my family over the course of time – for 20 or 30 years”.