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Author: tim2016

Creating Your Business Strategy

When we work to help a business really grow, we go through four particular steps: Firstly, we start with strategy; secondly, we look-out on established foundations; thirdly, we cover content;...

How Your Business Can Use Fiverr.com
How Your Business Can Use Fiverr.com

Fiverr.com is the world's largest ecosystem. The world's largest database. The world's largest marketplace of things you can get for as little as a $5 bill. Well, I should say...

Three-Axis Business Model
The Three-Axis Business Model

Several decades ago, I began working with CEOS and entrepreneurs of moderately sized businesses in Australia and then particularly North America and across the world. I actually have kind of...

More energy More Money
More Energy More Money

Your Infinite Power to Be Rich Let's talk about More Energy More Money. I am having an interesting insight this morning as I read a book called ‘Your Infinite Power To...

Donors Choose Purposeful Work
Donors Choose Purposeful Work

As you know, here at Tim Levy & Associates we like to participate in Purposeful Work for the community through the website DonorsChoose.org. We found a project called ‘A Printer...