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The Opposite of Fear

And then it came to me, in a flash. The opposite of fear is … guts. The opposite of fear is … living fearlessly! It’s taking risks, living with courage...

A Solution Will Present Itself

The Perfect Day I recently took a weekend day-trip with my family to the beach. We live on a beautiful peninsula up on the northern beaches in Sydney. Now I’m going to...

On Snoring

So late last night, around 1a.m., I finally finish up working and make my way back home to go to bed. Now I should explain my little home office is actually...

On Fighting With The Wife

Now there’s nothing I love more than a good fight with my wife. How do I know that this is true? Because it shows up in my life so often,...

On Brain Chatter

I wish I was perfectly enlightened, perfectly aligned, perfectly clear. Instead, I’m normal. I mean my brain is a bit of a mess most of the time. And it turns...

On Clarity

So this morning I woke up nice and early, around 6:15am as my little glowing clock told me. I was up before the kids, before the wife and before most...

Repositioning Yourself for Success

My youngest boy Finn is the picture of cute. He has rough blond hair, speak with a voice like Alvin the Chipmunk and stands about two feet tall. This morning,...

About Living the American Dream

  Interview broadcast veteran Tim Levy WHO: Tim Levy, Australian TV host and producer, CEO of Groovedelicious Entertainment and Consulting and author of The Life Summit: Map Out the Life of Your...