The Awakeners Handbook

The Awakener’s Handbook is intended to bring mission critical concepts, tools and processes to a very select group of intentional people called awakeners.

Are you an Awakener?

While so many people live their lives asleep, a subset of those who are awake and alive to their purpose are looking for more. These awakeners are engaged in bringing new insight, awareness and energy to other people.

In short, these are the artists, CEOs, performers and entrepreneurs, scientists and parents and everyone in between who wish to awaken their piece of the large portion of the living population who appear to be asleep to their purpose and living their lives on automatic pilot.

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Key Content

The book is divided into five sections.

  1. The book begins with an explanation of what is it to be asleep, awake and an awakener. It describes in detail what a main-stream, low-risk life path looks like and why you may wish to wake up and break free of it. Here, potentially, the reader begins to identify as an awakener.
  2. Next, the book moves into a description of the concept of the energetic spectrum, what it is and how it’s connected to personal levels of awakening. This section details what it’s like at the high, middle and low reaches of the spectrum and begins to explain how to move between them. Simply put, the higher your personal energetic levels over time, the more likely you are to achieve and maintain a personal awakening and the life it brings.
  3. Having outlined the energetic spectrum, we move into a series of toolsets aimed at managing your personal energy level. These toolsets can be used to bring you to optimal levels of creativity, innovation, inter-personal connections, abundance and more. High levels of personal energy are a must for an awakener to do their work.
  4. With a high level of personal energy, an awakener must now focus on gathering their tribe. This section details the concepts, tools and processes the awakener can use to gather their tribe by resonance.
  5. Now the awakener, with an awareness of purpose, coupled with high personal levels of energy and a tribe gathered by resonance, works to energize their tribe and facilitate their awakening in turn. This section details a variety of techniques from art to science, from business to charity, from food to performance to blogs to film that the great awakeners of our time are using to awaken their tribes.