The Entrepreneurial Handbook

A Book to hyper-grow your business + get stuff done quickly, cheaply and ultra-efficiently

Tim Levy is a coach and consultant to the CEOs of some of the most profitable businesses in the world. As a speaker for peak international organizations like Vistage, CEOSpace and Secret Knock, he is constantly creating industry leading tools, processes and practices.

This book reveals the mindset, strategies and tools used daily in that hidden world.

Once upon a time, every new enterprise started with a concept, became a business plan and then hit the pavement to raise money from investors. The capital raised, in exchange for equity, became the start-up seed that built the business.

All that has changed. A tide of technology has transformed the business world. Entrepreneurs can now boot-strap their enterprise to make money while experimenting with different income streams. A nod from investors is becoming less and less critical.

The Entrepreneurial Handbook shows step by step how to hyper-grow whether you’re a start-up, an established small or medium sized  business.

This book shifts your thinking from bricks and mortar to your own global dynamic team.

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Peek into the secret inner world of $50 Million C.E.O.’s

Most modern businesses are beset with huge overheads. Many businesses get stuck in limbo, unable to hire the team they need to grow. The Entrepreneurial Handbook allows you to break through those limitations and truly explore your potential.

With the use of the Internet’s evolving tools for communication, a Global Dynamic Team can be quickly organized, motivated and managed by a small (often single person) organization. Now tasks can be done quickly, cheaply and with little expense or hassle.The Entrepreneurial Handbook lays out how to effectively build this team.

The Entrepreneurial Handbook walks you through the steps to apply these practices to your own business, giving you the practical details you need.

  • Develop your own micro-job team for tasks costing as little as 10-20 cents each
  • Build your own mid-level team for jobs like design, web, pay-per-click and social media
  • See how to hire your own high-level team for everything from sales to marketing to production without paying a cent for insurance, 401k, desk-space or equipment.

The Entrepreneurial Handbook gives you the concepts, tools and processes you need to accelerate to hyper-growth, getting business done quickly, cheaply and ultra-efficiently.