The Fast Book Handbook

How To Write And Publish Your Book In Ten Working Hours Or Less.

The Fast Book Handbook is a simple, fun and easy step-by-step system for publishing books quickly and cheaply. Using this system, the author, Tim Levy, published four of his own books in a single year, as well as a dozen of titles for his CEO and entrepreneur clients every year. He was forced to develop this hyper-efficient system, using the latest online technologies, in response to his client’s common book publishing deal breaker; a lack of time.

“Writing and publishing a book had seemed impossible, but Tim makes it seem easy enough for anyone to do, even someone with no experience in the field!  Thank You!” – Andrea L., TX

Who is it for?

The Fast Book Handbook system is ideal for people who would like to write, publish and sell a book but simply don’t have the time or energy this process has traditionally taken.

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What do you learn?

The Fast Book Handbook shows you

  • How the old publishing model is forever broken
  • A new publishing model that puts all the power in your hands
  • A step-by-step process to write, create and publish your own book in as little as ten working hours

Mr. Levy’s Fast Book Handbook breaks through the old paradigm to empower your inner author, gives you the concepts, tools and processes to make the entire process of writing and publishing your books quick and enjoyable.