The Google Gamble

The CEO’s Guide to Traffic, Conversion and the Mysteries of SEO.

Does S.E.O. scare you? Are you even sure what traffic is, or why it’s so important?

In a decade and a half, Google has become the apex of the connection between your potential customers and your business.  By virtue of this computing tool’s absorption into every day life, it has become a major source of success, advancement, concern and frustration for businesses.

Fortunately, you don’t need a Computer Science degree to grow your business on-line and off-line. What you need is smoking hot traffic. The Google Gamble shows you how.
• Discover how Google works and what you need to do to constantly adapt
• Find out multi-level strategies that bring new leads to your business
• Learn how to find and hire legitimate SEO support while avoiding the charlatans

The Google Gamble explains SEO with the CEO and entrepreneur in mind. With The Google Gamble you’re no longer gambling but making informed decisions.
• What is traffic and how do I make it cold, warm, or smoking hot?
• Does my website have awesome Google-ready content?
• What are meta-tags and how can they help me?
• What are backlinks and article marketing and how can they help or even hurt me?
• Why is video is becoming more powerful than web copy?
• What is Google Analytics, why is it important and how does it work?

“I’ve seen CEOs hire so-called SEO experts who use bad technique then boom! Google finds out and you get slapped. Your traffic vanishes. Oops!”

The Google Gamble shows business leaders how to pick and manage the right people to do their SEO. Avoid being scammed by so called experts who view Google as something to manipulate, rather than as a tool for communication.

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This Book is For CEOs and Entrepreneurs

There are plenty of books and papers out there on SEO. Most of them are highly technical and confusing as they go into specific details of what you should or should not do.

I spend my time working with the CEOs of companies ranging from around $10-100 million in annual revenue. Simply put, these people don’t have the time or inclination to mess around in such a confusing and disturbing swamp of information. They’re only after one thing; getting tangible results for their business.

That’s what this book is about; tangible results for your business. It is designed to give you an fundamental understanding of traffic, content and SEO. It’s intended to give you the tools and processes to get this work done quickly and inexpensively.

This Book is Not Technical

You’ll notice that I keep backing off in this book when things get too technical. That’s because this book is for CEOs and entrepreneurs, not technical people. This book is designed to give you the understanding you need to manage your team rather than the skills to do it yourself.

For example, let’s talk about Google Analytics and Google Web Master Tools. The average CEO shouldn’t be spending their time mastering these systems. What you want is someone you can trust who has mastered it on your behalf.

It’s very similar to the average CEO’s relationship with Microsoft Excel. Every CEO has at least a passing familiarity with Excel spreadsheets that run their money. Even if they’re non-technical, every CEO should know how to read profit and loss statement, how to deal with a balance sheet and monitor cash flow.

However, that’s as far as it goes. The CEO is not expected to be the technical master of Microsoft Excel. Instead, they hire a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to be their trusted expert who works day to day with those spreadsheets and other technical tools to generate high level reports. The CEO manages their business in consultation with their CFO, leaving time for other things like overall vision and strategy.

The same idea applies here. I want the CEO to be able to make sense of Google Analytics and Web Master Tools reports without being the technical master of those tools. That way they can see what’s ranking and what’s not. It takes five minutes a month to monitor your traffic, which is as essential to your business as your profit and loss.

You don’t have to be an expert. You just have to know enough to make good decisions.

And that’s what this book is designed to help you do.