The Life Summit

Map out the life of your dreams in six easy steps.

The Life Summit is a unique combination of business strategy and mindset. It’s also the name of a 6-step process of discovery that brings great clarity and with that clarity comes the power to make positive change. That’s why clarity is so important!

It was created by Tim Levy as he successfully pursued his own life dreams in the worlds of business and entertainment.

The Life Summit comes in many forms;

  • The Life Summit 1-on-1
  • The Life Summit Keynote
  • The Life Summit Online and DVD Series
  • The Life Summit Kindle and Paperback Books

In all of its forms The Life Summit is intended to help people strive for a better life, a perfect life.

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The Life Summit is a two level process

1. It’s a fun, easy, 6 step process designed to bring clarity and focus to your perfect life.

2.  It’s about the mindset that gets you from where you are to where you want to be.

The Sections of the Book

Firstly, The Life Summit goes through three tools that you’re going to need; brainstorming, mind-mapping and Life Summit facilitating (in the event that you might like to help a friend through the process).

Next, the material covers the mindset that lives behind the process. These are based on Tim’s own personal, practical experience of the kind of material you might’ve already seen via authors like Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra or Ester and Jerry Hicks.

Once you have the tools and a working understanding of the principles, you’re ready for the 6 steps of the Life Summit process.

The process is designed to give absolutely clarity about every last detail of your perfect life, what it looks like and how to get there. The material concludes by helping you through common blocks, general troubleshooting and what to expect in the days and months following your first Life Summit experience.

The Life Summit is intended to create a magnitude shift in your life from wherever you are to where you want to be.