Business Mastery Core Sessions

Business Mastery Core Session Format

The Business Mastery Group meets monthly online for 60-90 minutes using Google Hangouts. It’s an excellent way of gathering without the expense and inconvenience of conventional travel. Everybody can see everything, hear everything and interact with everyone else in the group.

Here’s how we break down our core sessions

  • Firstly, we look at last month’s homework. Yes – there is homework! It’s our way of making sure that we apply the principles we’re learning. During the session we celebrate our successes, analyze our challenges and resolve our roadblocks.
  • Secondly, we focus on one key concept every month, as listed in the Syllabus above. We introduce any tools you might need to implement the key concept, along with a detailed master sequence for you to follow. What we’re doing here is getting down and dirty. We’re sharing the master sequences from my own business that we use to generate traffic, optimize conversion and create ongoing growth for our $20-200 million clients.
  • Thirdly, we take time to deep dive and give focused, results-oriented feedback as a mastermind group.
  • Lastly, we open the session to questions and answers.

We work as a community towards a shared intention of building every business and supporting meaningful change in every member’s life.

Business Mastery Core Sessions