Business Mastery Syllabus Breakdown

Here’s a detailed Business Mastery Syllabus Breakdown.

01 / Strategy / Big Picture Planning

We start with the big picture. Using the process detailed in the Life Summit, we examine questions like

  • What are you passionate about?
  • What is your purpose?
  • Where would you like to be in 10 years if everything goes perfectly?

Every member creates a Life Summit Blueprint to follow during the course of the program. This blueprint details your key objectives and how you’re going to get there as you move through the year.

02 / Strategy / The 3-Axis Model + Global Dynamic Team

In the second session, we explore the 3-Axis Business Model in detail. We zoom into traffic, conversion and slate (your range of products and services) as the basis for the business outcomes of our program.

Using the process described in the Entrepreneurial Handbook, we begin to build the available bandwidth in your business using the Global Dynamic Team model. This team is going to support your implementation of the strategic initiatives in your Life Summit Blueprint.

03 / Web / Building Strong Foundations

In this session, we focus on our existing web sites. The intention is to build or upgrade to strong foundational web sites for every member. We detail the Web Master Sequence as well as the tools you’ll need to get you there.

04 / Mindset / Creativity and Innovation

Next, we take a lateral turn towards optimizing our inner artist, creative and entrepreneur using the processes detailed in Creativity and Innovation. We develop eight major toolsets to assist you in getting into optimal state and staying there during the program and beyond.

05 / Web / Building Traffic through SEO

Here we focus on the four major search engines: Google, YouTube, Facebook and Amazon. Using the processes detailed in the Google Gamble, we explore the Google SEO Master Sequence and apply it to each web site. We’ll begin to explore the creation and curation of targeted content using the Blogging Master Sequence which is critical to your online success.

06 / Web / Building Traffic through Social Media

In the sixth session, we focus on active methods of securing traffic with social media, getting the attention of tens of thousands of strategically selected potential customers at a time. We’ll also explore the Press Release Master Sequence.

07 / Web / Building Traffic through Mass Media

Everyone loves the idea of being flooded with new customers. We’ll detail the Mass Media Master Sequence as well as exploring the YouTube Master Sequence for even more SEO based traffic. We’ll continue to develop an active traffic strategy for each member.

08 / Conversion / The Fast Book Sequence

With a strong web site and a variety of cold, warm and hot traffic flowing, it’s time to focus on conversion. Using the process described in the Fast Book Handbook, we explore the steps involved in building your own book within as few as ten working hours. Furthermore, we focus on using that to leverage higher conversion of your traffic.

09 / Conversion / The Speaking Sequence

In the ninth session, we focus on the hot traffic and strong conversion available from you becoming a speaker. We go through the Speaking Master Sequence that covers the creative process, speaker support, rehearsal and finding speaking appointments.

10 / Mindset / The Awakener Sequence

Based on the material in the Awakener’s Handbook, we come full circle to examine why you’re doing what you’re doing. We look beyond the dollar to meet your inner Awakener, as well showing you how to further build your tribe by the gentle process of resonance.

We then look beyond what you can do for yourself and towards contribution to your community on a larger scale.


Of course, this is a group coaching program in which each voice is heard and encouraged. In the event that we decide to amend the syllabus, then we’ll include other topics. Some available extras include –

  • The Comedy Master Sequence
  • The Big Ticket Pitch Book Master Sequence