Business Mastery Syllabus

By joining the Business Mastery online coaching group, you’ll participate in learning, discuss your individual business issues, and apply what you learn the day you learn it.

Here’s a quick overview of the Business Mastery syllabus:


  •      The 3-Axis Business Model
  •      Big Picture Planning
  •      Building your global dynamic team


  •      Building strong foundations
  •      Building traffic through SEO
  •      Building traffic through Social Media
  •      Building traffic through Mass Media


  •      The Blogging and Press Release Sequence
  •      The YouTube Sequence


  •      The Fast Book Sequence
  •      The Speaking Sequence


  •      Creativity and Innovation
  •      Purpose and Awakening

Whether you’re a large or a small business doesn’t matter. All you need is an inquiring mind and some screen time, plus the drive to improve your business, your skills and the persistence to apply what you learn every month.