1000 Person Project – Tim Levy – Founder + CEO

Tim Levy

Founder + CEO
1000 Person Project – Andrea Koochin – Project Manager

Andrea Koochin

VP of Production
Over the last five years or so, we've built a team over at Tim Levy and Associates who support this project directly ( There are now two or three dozen of us working in different pods - video, web, publishing, traffic, admin / legal / support. You're welcome to reach out and connect with any of us directly.

Lyka Ituralba

Web Project Manager

Nilson Miraya

Web Project Manager

Filip Hebar

Website Virtuoso

Angi Vale

The Books & our Admin

Sally Odgers

Publishing Editor

Ashley Oregon

Web Person

Joel Soetendorp

Comedian in Residence

Aleksandar Filipovic

Animator in Residence

Suzanne Sarto


Taylor Stull

3D Print Tech

Tonya & Justin Recla


Lauren DeBellis


James Costello


Murray Richman

Business Manager

Pablo Brar

Artist in Residence

Michele Norman

Web Person