Let’s have an agreement, you and I. Let’s call it a covenant, or does that sound too dramatic? At any rate, here are the things you’re agreeing to when you work with the 1000 Person Project.

The Low Maintenance Policy

You might have heard that when it comes to building web sites, social media and video platforms and the kinds of things that we do here, there’s a business triangle that governs the possibilities.

1000 person project covenant business triangle
Here’s the trick. You can only have two of these options. Here at the 1000 Person Project we’re giving you cheap and good – which means you’re going to have to be patient. In other words, we’re doing great work and at unbelievable prices, so chill out, OK?

If you’d like to have things quickly, you can always choose to upgrade to a higher priority level, which will cost you more.

The 1000 Persons

This project is set up to support the underdog. If you’re already an established business, then please look into the founding business Tim Levy and Associates which is online at

The 1000 Person Project is aimed at helping people who have an annual income of less than $50,000 and cannot afford to work at the standard rates of normal web, video and publishing companies.

So part of our agreement is that you’re one of these people, OK? If not, please self-select yourself over to and we can help you from there.

Refusal of Service

We only with lovely, like minded and low maintenance people. If you start becoming a high maintenance person or it becomes clear you’re not a low income person as specified above, we reserve the right refuse you service.

That’s it, friends – that’s our covenant. If you buy something from us, you’re agreeing to thisĀ  by that very action.