Disclosure Statement

The 1000 Person Project is a wholly owned and maintained web site run by Tim Levy and Associates. You’re welcome to peruse our sister site with that in mind at www.timlevy.net.

Affiliate Relationships

While we are not employed directly by any of the following, we have created affiliate relationships where possible. These partners include –

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We use these web sites and their services frequently in the course of business and recommend them on occasion through our education and training products.

About Tim Levy and Associates

In the spirit of full disclosure, here’s a little more information about Tim Levy and Associates.

Tim Levy and Associates is a small business run out of Austin, Texas. We consist of a global dynamic team of around three dozen regular contributors covering everything from web production to video to book publishing and all kinds of digital marketing strategy and content creation.


Every testimonial on this web site is 100% authentic and true. They are being gathered through the duration of this 1000 Person Project as a measure of our contribution and success.


If you have any questions, please contact us through the site or via social media.