What Content Creation Means for Your Business

20 Jul What Content Creation Means for Your Business

You probably have heard many times the idea that content is king. Well, what does that even mean? Let’s start by defining content.

Content is pretty much any creative communication, whether that happens to be in audio form or written form like blog posts, social media posts, web pages or video forms such as anything on television, YouTube, Vimeo, Periscope or Vine. All of these communications are summarized as content. The word content to me sounds a bit unemotional, a bit clinical; truly content is warm and wonderful and creative and occasionally funny and then dramatic and emotional when it’s done well. And kind of terrible when it’s done badly. So what do I mean by badly?

Content creation makes a contribution

Bad content tends to be, as a general summary, very self-serving. It’s the sort of thing that doesn’t work well on the internet, doesn’t work well on YouTube, does not even really work that well on television. And you’ve seen it a hundred times; someone gets in front of the television and basically says “buy my stuff.” Nothing giving there; it’s all take. So, one of the key principles of great content is to make an actual contribution, to look at the process of content creation as an opportunity to communicate value to your customers and potential customers. To build a tribe of people who love hearing the sound of your voice, reading your words and seeing your face as you help them and support them, every time a new piece of content is created. So why is it even that important? Well, apart from the normal conversion conversation we could have, which is to say people tend to create a relationship through content, and from a relationship comes conversion into actual client from potential client.

Stay fresh with constant content creation

On top of that I want to suggest that the big search engines of the world have figured this out too; for example Google, who figures out who should rank on its search engine based on content, is constantly looking for fresh content and frequency associated with that. Let me explain what I mean. If you have a website and you create no new content — simply put it up, basically list all of your items like a brochure, and then let the things sit for five years at a time, Google is going to rapidly figure out it can ignore this website and lower its rankings in all of its searches. However if you have a website that’s constantly changing, evolving, there is something fresh happening with reasonable frequency, then Google starts to rank you more highly and look out for you because more highly because it recognizes that pattern of change and comes back to your website every day or every week or every month instead of every year or may be every decade or never.

So content is not only important because of its genuine value and opportunity to create a relationship with the people that you serve, it’s also critical in the eyes of the search engines, all of which mean content is certainly king — or maybe in this day and age we could say content is queen. Don’t you think it’s about time?

Tim Levy

Tim Levy is an author, speaker, consultant and coach working with CEOs and entrepreneurs on clarity, strategy and mindset. He runs a strategic marketing agency out of Austin, Texas. He routinely speaks for leading organizations like Vistage International, Conscious Capitalism and Secret Knock. Tim’s intention is to radically accelerate and enable highly purposeful CEOs and entrepreneurs in their business and personal lives.

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