Why Prezi is the Presentation Platform You Need

08 Jun Why Prezi is the Presentation Platform You Need

When I first ran into Prezi, I must admit I had no idea what I was looking at. I was watching a TED.com presentation — you know, one of those amazing world-shaking mind-beating presentations that have taken the world by storm. And instead of being a standard Powerpoint slide, slide after slide after slide of honestly boring, terribly designed slides, there was movement. Things were zooming in and out and spinning around. I could not understand how it had been done. And kindly, at the end of the presentation, the person who had the presentation said by the way, I should tell you I have been using a new presentation platform called Prezi. I looked into it, got myself one of the desktop licenses. And every presentation I have done since then has been using Prezi.

What’s Prezi?

Prezi is what PowerPoint should be. I think if PowerPoint is kind of the dinosaur, hopefully about to expire, then Prezi is the new new. It’s a presentation platform that is nonlinear, based on the idea of an infinite canvas, meaning you can zoom in and zoom out to what seems like infinity. You can hide an entire slide and the curve of an axis or you can zoom out and see an entire big picture of graphic complexity in delight. You can incorporate interaction, you can incorporate zooming and spinning and fading in and out and things popping in and off the screen little on moving around freely. So I have got to say I find prezi to be a much more engaging presentation medium.

What does it cost?

You certainly can use Prezi for free, but then if you want varying levels of privacy or you want the convenience of using Prezi from your own desktop or the creation of standalone Prezi apps, which I need for my speaking business, then you need to pay a little bit more. I think it’s up to about a $150 a year or something like that. Anyway, I probably should have said what Prezi is?

And I should actually add a little bit of disclosure here. I have used Prezi for many years and then in 2015 I had an opportunity to meet some of the people from the Prezi company. Specifically, I got to meet David Hoker, who we asked to come speak at the Business Evolution conference which is held in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, in October 2015.

It was lovely to meet some people from this team of people who clearly believe in what they are doing. David in particular started some Prezi quizzes where they create a couple of hundred presentations every year just for the hell of it to support worthy courses worldwide and they get hundreds of thousands if not millions of people viewing these presentations and then subscribing to the courses. So, one way or another whether you view it as a presentation platform or as a worthy company, I highly recommend you investigate prezi.com.

Tim Levy

Tim Levy is an author, speaker, consultant and coach working with CEOs and entrepreneurs on clarity, strategy and mindset. He runs a strategic marketing agency out of Austin, Texas. He routinely speaks for leading organizations like Vistage International, Conscious Capitalism and Secret Knock. Tim’s intention is to radically accelerate and enable highly purposeful CEOs and entrepreneurs in their business and personal lives.

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