Online Training

A Contribution

The 1000 Person Project is all about making a contribution to you and your business. It appears that each person would like that contribution in a different form. For example, some people –

Online Business Training is an incredibly cost effective and immersive way to learn. With that in mind, have three online training packages right now and are developing more over time.

YouTube Mastery

The most recent one is called YouTube Mastery 101. This is an extraordinary online business training that helps you generate a lot of traffic very quickly through an understanding of YouTube and YouTube SEO. It’s currently available through the Udemy platform.

The Life Summit Online

There’s one called The Life Summit Online which is a companion to the Life Summit book written in 2009. Simply put, we developed the online business training version of the book when we found out that most people prefer to watch videos rather than read books!

The Energy of Money

The Energy of Money, however, is completely different. It’s an online business training course about the core nature of money as energy. This is only available as an online training program. There’s no book, there’s no other course, and there’s no other way to deepen your knowledge in this critical area.

Any questions? Feel free to reach out and ask directly.