The Energy of Money Online Training

The Energy of Money Online Training

The Energy of Money is an online training course about making money in the real world by leveraging things that you love to do.

  • Discover exactly how you can make money in the real world by leveraging things that you love to do
  • Change how you think about money, how it moves and how to make it move to you
  • Discover a practical, results-oriented system to make it happen.

The Energy of Money takes you through super-simple online technology that everyone can master – click by click and screen by screen.

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    • 35 videos in 4 modules
    • Over 4 hours of video content

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    • 3 DVD Box Set + Online Access
    • 35 videos in 4 modules
    • Over 4 hours of video content

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What is in The Energy of Money?

The Energy of Money Online Training is a series of eighteen (18) videos, each about ten minutes in length. You can also listen to them as audio on your ipod or read them as transcripts on your ipad.

This is the practical course I wish I’d had when I started!

This course gives you the nitty-gritty detail about what to do and how to set things up, plus a lot of more.

In Module 1 we get you tooled up. That means

  • brain storming,
  • mind mapping, and
  • working in pairs.

*Of course not everyone works in pairs; it’s just a good way to go deeper and have more fun for people who are a little more on the social side.

In Module 2 we jump right into the key concepts and exercises.

  • We start by shifting your understanding of what money is and how it moves.
  • We move onto a discussion of parity which is the accelerator for your emerging circuits.
  • In the Module 02 exercises, I ask ‘What are your passions, what are your interests and how are they going to form these Energy Circuits we keep talking about?!’
  • Then we run through a big picture overview of how to bring this into the real world via the quickest and least expensive means; the internet.

In Module 3 we go beat by beat, screen by screen, click by click through the process outlined in the overview. This is captured directly from my PC as I take you through it. It’s highly practical stuff! We go through

  • picking out a web site name
  • getting a web site online and hosted with your new name for next to no cost
  • getting all your content online through your web site
  • creating your own list of fans, and
  • getting paid for your passion

in such a way that anyone can do it. It’s easy! Even non-technical people can do this!

In Module 4 we focus on

  • the entrepreneurial mindset, the
  • transition from current forms of income to new forms of income, and
  • setting expectations around timing.

And once you’ve followed these four simple modules, you’re ready to go. Done!

And it’s as simple as that.

Can I do what is in The Energy of Money?

The answer is – It’s Not Overnight, But It Is Easy.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” That’s true, but don’t overdo it! It’s a fact that overnight wealth is too good to be true. Even if you do everything you should do, you won’t be rich in the next 24 hours.

However, it’s definitely NOT true that you have to struggle for a long time before you “get” it. My Energy of Money course will certainly shortcut the process dramatically if you’ll follow my advice.

Let’s face it. You’re not stupid. But learning new things is a challenge for grownups, and my Energy of Money System makes it easy.

Years of teaching others has shown me how to present what I know so it shoots straight into a person’s brain and sticks there like glue. Part of the trick is presenting information in the right order so a person can “get” it right away.

It’s easily possible to replace your current income, for example. Have a job you hate? Then you can kill it fast by starting following the steps in my Energy of Money system.

It’s reasonable, it’s doable, and real people just like you are doing it every day. The Energy of Money system shows you how to do it for yourself.

What if I’m new to business?

I guess the short answer is that you need to get over that! Really, it’s tough to start and run a business successfully.

But here are two things you need to hear loud and clear:

  • You do NOT have to be some kind of genius to be successful in business! I’m no genius and I’m doing quite well, thank you. You need some simple skills that literally anybody can learn.
  • All you need is some simple instruction about “the basics”. That’s it. Nothing fancy, nothing painful.

Now I’m going to give you the simple instruction and the simple skills you need to do everything you need to do … without being a techno-geek.

Who is The Energy of Money for?

This course is for anybody interested in making sustainable amount of money. I have condensed my decades of big business experience to produce this blueprint proving value to all. This is the simple, straight-forward course I wish I’d had years ago. It’s precisely the resource I needed.

In this course, I’ll show you how others are succeeding, how YOU can succeed, and make money by leveraging things that you love to do RIGHT NOW using the exact same principles and techniques I use every day. I’ll hold nothing back and I’ll show you every step you need to take.

In a nutshell, I’m going to give you the instruction course that will cut years off of your learning curve. Honestly speaking – You won’t get rich overnight, but you can easily see success in a step-by-step process within a short period of time.

What is the endgame of The Energy of Money?

The key benefit is that you start making money doing things that you love.

Most people spend their lives on a treadmill. They spend the better part of their waking hours in a sub-optimal job with a sub-optimal boss doing sub-optimal work. Why waste your life away doing that?

Most people spend their lives doing work that they feel they have to in order to pay the rent, in order to make a living. What if you could do work that you feel you get to do, rather than scratch your way through the years doing work you’d really rather not be doing at all?

The Energy of Money is all about getting off that ‘have to’ treadmill completely and forever. It’s about transitioning to a life in which your money making activities are exclusively based on doing things you love.

The ultimate goal here is to have work = play.