The Life Summit Online Training

What is the Life Summit?

The Life Summit is a unique combination of mindset and strategy. It’s also the name of a 6-step process of discovery that brings great clarity. And with that clarity comes the power to make positive change. That’s why we always say ‘Clarity is Everything’.

The Life Summit was created by Tim Levy as he successfully pursued his own life dreams in the worlds of business and entertainment.

It started out as a book, then became a keynote (Tim has spoken all over the world), then the online program and 4-Disc DVD box set that you see here today.

How does the Life Summit work?

The Life Summit is combination of tools, concepts and a 6-step structured process that guides you through the business of transforming your mind, of waking up your consciousness and wrestling back control of your mind to focus consistently and unambiguously on PERFECTION.

It is the lack of consistent, unambiguous focus keeps us from realizing our dreams, our perfect life.

It’s that simple.

Why? Because most people focus on fear and pain. And you can understand why, right? Fear, pain, scarcity and lack can really get your attention, right?

The trick is to focus on what you want, consistently and unambiguously!

The Life Summit makes that happen.

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    • 22 videos in five modules
    • Over four hours of video training

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What is in the Life Summit?

The training is split into four modules. Each module is a collection of short (10-15 minute) videos that lay everything out in simple, logical and easy to follow steps. You can also listen to them as audios or read transcripts. Whatever works best for you!

Module 1 / The Tools
This module contains the tools and concepts you’re going to need before you start.

  • 1.1 – Mind-mapping
  • 1.2 – Brain storming
  • 1.3 – Working in Pairs

Module 2 / The Magic
This module is all about the metaphysical principles that live behind the Life Summit process.

  • 2.1 – The Fundamental Principle
  • 2.2 – The Idea of Perfection
  • 2.3 – The Principle of Clarity
  • 2.4 – Polarity
  • 2.5 – Yes, and

Module 3 / The Process
This module contains the Life Summit process from start to finish, including the 6 steps laid out in the book as well as the new, shortcut technology! Also – you need to watch this section as video which is why there are no audio or transcript pieces.

  • 3.1 – An Overview of the 6-step Process
  • 3.2 – Step 01 – 10 Years
  • 3.3 – Step 02 – 5 Years
  • 3.4 – Step 03 – 1 Year
  • 3.5 – Step 04 – Month by Month
  • 3.6 – Step 05 – The Perfect Day
  • 3.7 – Step 06 – The Perfect Week

Module 4 / Wrapping Up
This is where we draw it all together and set you on your way!

  • 4.1 – Wrapping Up

Module 5 / Bonus Extras
This module is for the special bonuses attached to the main training.

  • 5.1 – A Common Block
  • 5.2 – The Second Common Block
  • 5.3 – A Five Step Meditation in Six Steps

As you can see, this is a complete system including all the tools, concepts, principles and processes you’ll need to complete your own Life Summit. And when you start to live this way – with this mindset – it’s amazing how deeply your life can change.


The Life Summit hit me like a lightning bolt.

“The Life Summit hit me like a lightning bolt. It brilliantly illuminates the missing link between wanting something and having it. Best of all, it showed me how I could use that link to connect my inner desires with my outward actions to literally have anything I could imagine. If there’s such a thing as practical magic, this is it.”
Debbie / New York

Living your passion is payment enough!

“Tim–just keep doing what you do–living your passion is payment enough! For those of us who do, life is truly worth living…. Always tweaking here and there, but I’m on the right path, thanks to you for helping me focus.

That’s what I gained from “The Life Summit”…still a work in progress….”

Carrie / Austin

Tim is a unique, gifted, intuitive, effective coach and strategist

“Tim is a unique, gifted, intuitive, effective coach and strategist who combines inquiry, mind mapping, meta physics to help you find insights and clarity in your life, relationships and path.

His white-board, mind mapping tools combined with his techniques of exploring and expanding upon ideas, concepts, problems and solutions, leave you with a solid practical and pragmatic set of “takeways” to work on and develop further.

Go to Tim with an open mind, leaving behind your preconceptions, projections and expectations – and allow the unexpected and illuminating to unfold. The insights you gain may change the way you look at your life – past and present – in a different and exciting way, full of new possibilities and opportunities.”

Philip, F1 Austin and Glimmer of Hope