Creating Your Business Strategy

22 Jun Creating Your Business Strategy

When we work to help a business really grow, we go through four particular steps: Firstly, we start with strategy; secondly, we look-out on established foundations; thirdly, we cover content; and finally, we drive traffic.

Where is your business strategy taking you?

So let’s focus on that first one, business strategy. Firstly, why it is even important? Well, it’s important because if you have no strategy, you are going kind-of anywhere, and quite often nowhere. A strategy or a plan is what lays out the steps that get you from where you are to where you want to be. And that brings me to the first part of strategy which is to say: focus on outcomes. When you begin to do the creative process of coming up with your strategy, the first thing you should focus on is: where do you want to go? Are you looking for certain financial outcome — you want your business to generate a certain amount of money per year? Are you looking for an artistic outcome? Or maybe it’s a social or emotional or energetic outcome? Being as specific as possible on the actual outcome of your project or business is the first base to focus on strategy. That process needs to be, by definition, very unconditional, non-judgmental and use the right brain; it needs to be imaginative and creative and full of potential and possibilities.

As a result, I tend to encourage people to do this is in small groups rather than necessarily on your own. Sure there are certain people who like to, I don’t know, find Buddha under a tree, meditate in a cave or otherwise do their work on their own. But most people seem go further when there’s question and answer going on and when there’s the energy of other people in a room or in a space to bounce ideas off and to go to more interesting places.

Getting to a blueprint for your business strategy

So the first part of the process, which is to really dream of your outcomes, should be right-brain. Having said that, once you’re done you have a thousand ideas up on a wall, it’s time to actually to go-all-out brain on the process. What that means is seem you can organize these ideas into groups; for example, figure out which seems like it might be more attainable by bringing them in order, maybe try to prioritize them, maybe take each project to the idea stage and see if you can actually list the resources that you might need to make that idea be actually done. So the strategic process then becomes to focus on outcomes, followed by right brain creative process, followed by left brain logistic process. At the end of it, I suggest that you actually take the time to arrive out of your strategy and create a blueprint. A blueprint for me is kind of similar to recipe; it’s full of all the steps you need to take or items you’re gonna need along in the way in a specific sequence, the specific order that you need to actually focus on these different objectives and achieve your particular outcomes. So that’s a loose sense of what I want to suggest when it comes to business strategy.

Business Strategy Express

Of course, there are thousand books on how to do this particular one thing and we do a live version, we have a couple of packages in this space, one called ‘Business Strategy Express’ where we go through together, you and I, over the course of 60 to 90 minutes, a strategy for you and your own business. I’ve been doing these for decades, so I can pull it out for you very quickly, what are those key outcomes, to begin to suggest a specific sequence. I also do ‘Business Strategy Max’ which is where we take a whole day to do strategy for your business and sometimes we do a whole live version of that. Really those Max experiences, they’re focused on CEOs and executives that run moderately size businesses, you know, your kind of 20 to 50 million dollar enterprises. So for most people, ‘Business Strategy Express’ is kind of the best deal and the best option to take. Whatever you choose to do, I highly encourage you to actually form a strategy for your business. That’s the way to find what you’re going, figure out what the steps are and start to actually get some momentum coming from where you are today to where you actually what to be in the future.

Tim Levy

Tim Levy is an author, speaker, consultant and coach working with CEOs and entrepreneurs on clarity, strategy and mindset. He runs a strategic marketing agency out of Austin, Texas. He routinely speaks for leading organizations like Vistage International, Conscious Capitalism and Secret Knock. Tim’s intention is to radically accelerate and enable highly purposeful CEOs and entrepreneurs in their business and personal lives.

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