I remember my first speaking engagement, aged 17, with a company called The Executive Connection (now called Vistage in America), which is an international network of CEOs. It was scary! Suddenly I was in a room full of serious looking individuals sporting white hair, black blazers and an absolute absence of welcoming smiles. Well, that’s how I remember it.

Since then I’ve been fortune to spend quite a lot of my time on stage. I’ve done everything from serious theatre through stand-up comedy, from headlining my own nationally broadcast television series to working on stage with our generation’s greatest inspirational and motivational speakers.

Recent Gigs

In recent years, I’ve also spoken for

  • The International Empowerment Summit (Canada)
  • The Women Presidents’ Organization (USA)
  • The Positive Energy Summit (USA)
  • Get Smart Austin Conference (USA)
  • Austin Women in Communication (USA)
  • Texas Women in Business (USA)
  • The eWomen’s network (USA)
  • Texas Asian Chamber of Commerce (USA)
  • The Launch Pad Job Club (USA)
  • The BizPack Network (USA)
  • defining: WOMEN Network (USA)
  • Pure Women Connect (USA)
  • The RICH Club (USA)
  • The Soul Sessions (Australia)

Coming Gigs

In 2016, I’m speaking at –

  • Prezi Pitch conference in Long, England
  • Conscious Capitalism in Chicago, USA
  • Vistage Studio

Workshop Style

I believe in learning by doing so these presentations are more like workshops. I’m a believer in generating rich take-aways that lead to actual change showing up in your life. Somewhere in those first few hours, I find resonance with certain members of the audience and we decide it would be appropriate to work together. That’s how most people find me.

On Faculty

Recently, I’ve been focusing on the business and personal development spaces. I’m fortune to speak for some of the world’s peak CEO and entrepreneurial organizations like

  • Vistage International – Vistage is a peak international association of CEOs with over 16,000 memberships in 15 countries.,
  • CEOSpace International – CEOSpace, named by Forbes magazines as one of the 5 best conferences in the world, is an international association of entrepreneurs with over 75,000 lifetime members,
  • Secret Knock – is an exclusive, invitation only group of modern day though leaders who gather twice a year in San Diego, CA,

Interested in booking Tim to speak?