On Television

A Focus on Comedy

I’ve been on stage one way or another from that very early age. In school, I was in local productions as well as starting my own band before the age of ten. In college I focused on comedy revues which are kind of like a live version of Saturday Night Live. I moved, over time, into bigger things like touring Australia with the Rock Eisteddfod performing to crowds of between 1,000 and 5,000 people each night. Then I went a little corporate, spending time in the early nineties with a company called Wavelength doing trade shows and annual conferences via real time digital characters. Clients included Motorola, Dell and Campbell’s Soup.

On Television

From stage, with my focus on comedy, it was a natural transition into television. I created, produced and hosted a children’s show called Groovedelicious / The Life Unlimited about living your dreams in 24 hours or less. It was picked up by cable, and then network broadcast across Australia and into south-east Asia.

In the Media

I’ve also made various appearances in the media along the way including shows like Lifetime’s The Balancing, NBC News, Channel 9 News, The Shak and Totally Wild. Here’s a sample.

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