The 1000 Person Project

So reach out – get in touch. And let’s get started.

What is this all about?

The 1000 Person Project was created to make the greatest possible contribution to entrepreneurs, creatives, artists, musicians, writers, speakers, coaches, politicians, inventors, healers and people who are looking to improve the world in a purposeful way.

Okay, I admit that’s kind of a lofty goal. So let’s go back a step or two.

The Challenge

It turns out that many of these people (and this might be you) find themselves frustrated by their lack of progress in the business world. Or, put simply, they’re upset because they’re broke. And there’s a reason why.

  • The true artist tends to focus on their art. They invest thousands of hours to become masters of the brush with every stroke a possible movement of perfection
  • The writer does that same, freely spending thousands of hours honing their writing skills to make each word just so
  • And so, the musician aim to master music, the speaker masters speaking, the inventor perfects the invention and, well, you get it.

What they’re not focusing on is the business of their craft. And so, we have starving artists, actors waiting tables and businesses going out of business because they cannot make enough money to sustain themselves.

Does this sound at all familiar? So what can we do about it?

It’s All About Growth

While all these people have been focusing on mastering their craft, I’ve spent the last twenty years or so focusing on mastering the business side of things.

OK – quick story – do you remember Batman? Do you recall that he has a special Bat Belt with a special tool for every occasion? Well, I’ve been building what feels like a magical Bat Belt of business.

During my decades long career creating business strategies for hundreds of businesses as well as actually building those pieces to see what works in the real world, I’ve invested my own tens of thousands of hours in acquiring some real business wisdom.

And that is what the 1000 Person Project is aiming to deliver; the concepts, tools and packages that can bring your business massive growth.

You Learn or We Do It For You

Of course, every person has a preference regrading how to do that.

Take a good look around. All of those options are here for you. One way or another, we’re here to help.
Better yet, we’re here to make the greatest possible contribution to your art, music, speaking, coaching, healing, parenting, sciencing, entrepreneuring, inventing and extreme sporting. Admittedly, some of those aren't real words but you do get real help from us.