Vistage Chair Web Workshop

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Vistage Chair Web Site Workshop

What is the key challenge facing new and experienced Vistage Chairs? Filling their groups with new members.

How do you attract, find and gather these new prospects in an online world? This workshop aims to show you how.

In short, we’ll do everything we can to solve this pressing problem right there in the room.

Please register your expression of interest as we plan our next event, likely in the 1st week of August or September, in the New York area.

Key Outcomes

  1. To explore the latest technology in generating traffic and optimizing conversion
  2. to learn all the concepts, tools and processes you’ll need to build
      – an ideal Vistage Chair web site
      – a flourishing social media presence
      – an explosive YouTube video channel
      – a low cost dynamic team to implement
  3. to build your online profile and fill the empty seats in your group

Firm Intentions

Over two days, we will –

  1. explore the construction of a traffic generating and conversion optimized web site
  2. detail a social media strategy that drives active traffic to your site as well as allows you to research new leads
  3. begin construction on your very own thought leading YouTube Channel with a conversion structure and keyword based traffic strategy
  4. build your low-cost online team to press the buttons if you don’t want to Do-It-Yourself

Vistage Chair Workshop Agenda

Day 01
9:00am Introduction + Overall Agenda / Outcomes
9:15am Building Your Team / Part I
– The Get to Do vs. Have to Do Exercise
– Dropping your first T.E.C. Ad
10:00am The Vistage Chair Online
– Defining key outcomes / measurables
– The 4 Traffic Eco-systems
– The Conversion mentality
10:40am Break
11:00am The Web Site Sequence / Part I
– Designing the sitemap
– Building the pages
– Building the menus
– Installing a theme
– Ipsum Lorem content
– Creative Comments images
12:30am Lunch
1:00pm The Content Sequence
– Clarity / Mind maps
– Keyword research
– Interview / Audio
2:00pm The Web Site Sequence / Part II
– SEO Doctor / install
– The Yoast Plugin / install
– Posting for SEO / page
– Posting for SEO / post
– Checking with the Doctor
3:00pm Break
3:20pm Building Your Team / Part II
– first ad / selecting the hires
– test hiring / audio transcribe
– uploading audio
Day 02
9:00am Recap of Day 01 + Day 02 Agenda
9:15am The Vistage Chair Online
– working with
– designing my site / social / video
10:00am The Video Sequence / Part I
– YouTube video structure
– Finding traffic
– Sketching out a video
10:40am Break
11:00am The Video Sequence / Part II
– Production / equipment
– Production / setup
– Shooting / Interview videos
(as many as possible / 2 sets in play)
12:30am Lunch
1:00pm The Video Sequence / Part III
– Fiverr / Comissioning logos / MGFX
– Graphicriver / header templates
– Editing / On YouTube
2:00pm The Social Sequence
– Facebook / personal vs. business page
– The 10 Engines
– Boosting Posts
– Promoting Pages
3:00pm Break
3:20pm Offline Techniques
– The Meetup Platform / finding groups
– The Maker / Startup / Innovation space
– The Pitch Book Sequence

Vistage Chair Workshop Pricing

  • Basic Workshop Plan

  • $599.
    • two day workshop event




  • Foundations Plan

  • $749.
    • two day workshop event
    • web site foundations
    • social media accounts


  • Local Leads Plan

  • $899.
    • two day workshop event
    • web site foundations
    • social media accounts
    • 25 local researched leads

The Basic Workshop Plan is to attend the two day workshop event.

The Foundations Plan allows us to build your WordPress web site foundations and set up a variety of social media accounts before you attend, so that you hit the ground running.

The Local Leads Plan includes everything in the Foundations Plan as well as finding 25 local leads for you before the event. We’ll work with you to determine the specific zip codes, industry type and business size you’re looking for to inform the research.