My thanks for your time and attention at our recent Vistage presentation. It was a great workshop and I trust you got some helpful takeaways from it. Here’s the link to the PREZI presentation and some extra videos to help you along.

A Follow Up Call

If you’d like to speak futher, please set up a call by emailing me on Alternatively please click here to submit a brief questionnaire.

Video Extras – Click to Watch

In this video, Tim Levy shows off SEO Doctor. If you’re looking for a SEO browser plugin, the SEO Doctor plugin is an easy SEO enhancement tool that gives you SEO tips and tricks.

This Facebook boost post tutorial video shows you how to get focused, targeted traffic at a great price. It shows you how to leverage the Facebook boost post functions for something close to free.

Another from the Entrepreneurial Toolkit, by request. This one shows you how to create a book from a simple Word document – using

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